Submission #183 - Anonymous

i think dedede and escargon are in gay yaois :)

Source - anime

Submission #182 -

Gijinka designs are a matter of personal preference, but it kind of bugs me when artists don’t give Dedede his big round belly when drawing him human.  He just doesn’t look right without it.


Submission #181 -

This irks me. As in really, really irks me. Why, if Taranza is a spider, does he have 6 hands instead of 8? Why? Did they forget the other two? Did they forget that spiders have 8 legs? He should have 8 hands because spiders have 8 legs. Seriously. Why would they give him 6 hands. It makes no sense whatsoever. I have lost sleep over this. Why. Why? I ask you, Nintendo, why? I don’t see any logic behind that decision. He should have 8 hands, not 6. I have been losing sleep over this. I cannot get it out of my head. Why. Just why. My head really hurts…


Submission #180 -

Nowadays I play The True Arena just to kill Marx Soul. I just wanna hear him scream…


I deserve to get slapped for shipping so many Kirby related ships.

No you don’t, you can ship whatever you want, it doesn’t matter at all :)

the "i wanna fuck" confessions were kind of amusing the first time but now they're literally the only things you seem to be getting. could you maybe refuse them? they're not bad, it's just super repetitive by now and distracting from other (interesting) confessions.

I think they’ve calmed down by now and they’re not coming in anymore. But I will be sure the next time some repetitive submissions come in I’ll break them up and scatter them between the others. If it does get out of hand however I may refuse them

Submission #179 -

Marx Soul’s laugh in KSSU is so goddamn annoying.


Submission #178 -

I want to go on with a process whereby organisms form offspring that combine genetic traits from both parents, with Boxy.

Source - Kirby Squeak Squad art

Submission #177 -

Since the events of Kirby Super Star Ultra, I been headcanoning Kirby’s last name as Kirby Superstar.

Source - Kirby Super Star Ultra

I submitted something, but I don't wanna say, really. It was submitted after 176, and it had nothing to do with fucking someone. Where did it go?

Next thing I have up on the list to submit is something from a shadowvinebabies who wanted their submission to be anonymous. I don’t know if you’re them but I can’t make it anonymous unless you submit while offline. Other than that, I’m not sure which one you’re referring to. If you want, come off anon and you can tell me what it says, I might still have it I just haven’t submitted a few submission yet which I will do soon.